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Junior Leadership CIT Program

20th Annual Camp Renaissance
For Campers Ages 5-14

at The American School for the Deaf, West Hartford, CT

Two sessions for summer 2012!
With extended day program

Session I:

June 25 - July 6

(Camp will be held on July 4)

Session II:

July 9 - July 20

**In the event that snow days alter the final June release date for area schools, we will schedule an extra camp day or two.**

About Camp Renaissance

An important objective of Camp Renaissance is to provide each camper the chance to devote special attention to particular areas of interest. "Camp Renaissance is the most creative, well-run summer camp that I have ever observed." - Letter from parent of Camp Renaissance participant.

The Camp Renaissance Olympiad
- How the Program Works -

Each day, specific blocks of time are devoted to teaching the fundamental skills of various sports. Included in this instruction is the consistent reinforcement of "teamwork."

On Day I of each session, campers are placed on either Team Sparta or Team Athens. The Camp Renaissance Olympiad begins with an opening ceremony, followed by ten days of athletic and cultural activities, and specialty contests. The specialty contests include sports trivia, chess and a spelling bee. The Camp Renaissance Olympiad also offers all participants the opportunity to earn points for their team by writing a poem, a short story or a "sports column," by submitting a work of art, by reading a book, by completing a "scientific discovery" project, or by performing in a dance routine or play. While these projects are optional, all campers are made aware that submissions and projects of appropriate quality, as judged by Camp Renaissance instructors, will help their team. Also, campers with musical talent may earn points for their team by performing.


If you have any questions, please contact Dan Doyle at 860-233-3500 extension 2296 or email Dan at

Sports Offered Include:

Track & Field
Touch Football
T-Ball (ages 5-7)
Floor Hockey

AND many individual contests within these sports, including foul shooting contests, marathon run, home run derby, punt, pass and kick, as well as other contests and activities such as Capture the Flag, dribble relay, jump rope, Tug-o-War, scavenger hunt, Simon Says and "The Chan Limbo Contest."

Specialty Programs Offered Include:

The Gershman Chess Tournment
Spelling Bee
Sports Trivia Contests
Daily family trivia contests for points
Parents' trivia for prizes (A major camp tradition!)

Cultural Programs Offered Include:

Creative Writing
Scientific Discovery
Music (singing, instrumental, & music appreciation)
Read a book for points
Plus! Theater [A play will be performed during the second week of both sessions.]

"The best sports or educational experience my child has ever had!"
- Letter from parent of Camp Renaissance participant.

Summer Writing Club and Summer Reading Club!
(Both open to campers at no extra charge)
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The Choice System

At the beginning of each of the four daily periods, campers are offered choices of several activities. For example, Period I might offer the following choices: Basketball, Soccer, Scientific Discovery and Writing. Over the course of the day, each period provides several choices to all campers.

Age Based Groups

Within Team Sparta and Team Athens, campers are grouped based on age i. e., Sparta Juniors, Sparta Intermediates, Sparta Seniors and Sparta Varsity.

The Olympiad Scoreboard

During the Camp Renaissance Olympiad, points for each competition and cultural submission are kept on a daily basis and posted on the "Olympiad Scoreboard," which is situated in the main gymnasium. At the end of each day, the official scorer reads the total score to the campers. On the last day of both sessions, a team champion is crowned.

The "Sundae Shot"

One of our most popular camp activities involves every camper having the chance to win an ice cream sundae by making the "Sundae Shot." Last year, Camp Renaissance and KO Skills awarded a record-breaking number of sundaes!

Cultural Submissions & Scientific Discovery Projects

In order to facilitate cultural submissions and scientific discovery projects, Camp Renaissance offers special instructional workshops to those students who wish to submit a sports column, poem, short story, or work of art, or complete a scientific discovery project.

"I don't think I have ever observed a summer program with as many wonderful things going on." - W.P. Kinsella, author of Shoeless Joe, which became the movie Field of Dreams.

Emphasis on Sportsmanship & Fair Play

Dan Doyle is the founder of National Sportsmanship Day (, which last year was celebrated in over 13,500 schools in 105 countries, the largest sportsmanship program in the world. On March 6, 2012 NSD will celebrate its 21st anniversary!  A primary focal point of Camp Renaissance is an emphasis on fair play and sportsmanship. All campers are encouraged to do their best, but do so in an atmosphere of respect for fellow campers. This issue is addressed on day one of each Session by Dan Doyle, including specific remarks on the Camp's "No Bullying" policy.

"I had the pleasure of addressing the Camp Renaissance participants. I was amazed at the enthusiasm and spirit which I felt in every camp activity I observed. This is truly a very special program."
-Arnold Dean, WTIC Sports.

Special Clinics

A great feature of Camp Renaissance is our "Special Clinic" program. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Camp Renaissance instructors in sports such as basketball, baseball, football, lacrosse and soccer stay until 4:00 p.m. to provide special clinics for campers interested in those and other sports.

Special Registration Request of Parents

Since most Camp communication is done via email, please make sure to include your clearly printed email on all registration forms.

Summer Family Night

Summer Family Night will be held on Thursday evening, July 5 and Thursday evening, July 19. Summer Family Night will include a pizza party and an exhibit of "Work in Progress" by campers. A special Athens vs. Sparta parent's competition will take place, which will involve trivia, Simon Says, and other activities for points and prizes. Family Night also includes the appearance of a special guest. For example, one of our past Family Night special guests was Bob Walpole, the inventor of the sport, "Speedball."

"I traveled from North Carolina to spend two days observing Camp Renaissance with a view toward starting a Camp Renaissance program in North Carolina. The program lived up to every one of my high expectations. Indeed, I have never seen a better summer program for young people, and am looking forward to starting Camp Renaissance in North Carolina." -Jim McDonald, Director of Tennis, Hollow Rock Tennis & Racquet Club, Durham, North Carolina.

Medical Form

All Campers are required to submit a Medical Form. The Medical Form, which is filled out by a parent, not a doctor, will be filed between May 15 and June 15. The Medical Form will be posted on this website on May 15. A hardcopy will be included in our early-May snail mail. 

PLUS! Plyometrics

Once again, Camp Renaissance will offer several plyometrics sessions with our campers to help interested young athletes learn to run faster, jump higher and improve agility.

Register Early! We have had a waiting list since 1995.

In 2011, we were forced to close off registration well in advance of opening day, and we were not able to go to our waiting list. In 2012, enrollment will be limited and campers will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Campers who register after Camp Renaissance is fully enrolled will be placed on a waiting list.

"I had the good fortune of observing Camp Renaissance for five days. My reason was to administer a "Renaissance Program" at my school in Israel. I found the Renaissance concept to be the most stimulating and exciting I have ever observed in terms of connecting sport and cultural activities. It has been a big hit in Israel!"
- Ilan Kowalsky, Tel Aviv, Israel.

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